Media 50: FT’s gossip columnist tries to ‘make bricks without straw’

Corbyn ‘decamping’ to ‘gilded enclave’ – over the shop

Yesterday Jim Pickard, aka chief political correspondent, tried to make capital out of the Labour Party’s forced relocation to premises above the Habitat shop in Kensington.

LP new office

The facts

The party has been searching for a new base because Anquila Corporation, which owns the building, decided to redevelop it next year – ordering workers out by Christmas. Labour’s attempts to find appropriate accommodation near Parliament were unsuccessful: a large number of small offices have been converted to residential use in recent years.

Pickard reports that one Labour insider said the move to Kensington High Street – to a cheap “shell” building – was only temporary while the search for a permanent headquarters continued. It could be as little as four months, he said.

The insinuations

Before rehashing allusions to disunity in the ranks of the Labour MPs he endeavoured to convey the impression that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party had lost its head and principles – moving to W8, ‘the most expensive postcode in the country’ and worse: ‘decamping’ to the ‘gilded enclave of Kensington’

This, though.“Mr Corbyn came to power this summer on a wave of old-fashioned leftwing policies, calling for an end to injustice and inequality” – implying at best double standards and at worst a decline into a dereliction of those principles, won over – like many other politicians – by the political gravy train.

gravy train

He ends, not with a bang but a whimper:

The idea of an increasingly leftwing Labour party being housed in one of London’s most affluent neighbourhoods will still raise eyebrows, however, given Mr Corbyn’s commitment to tackling poverty.

What small news item will be seized on and ‘embroidered’ next?



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