Media 49: first borough council by-election Corbyn-era success, mainstream press balked

Not before the children

David Carr: If Labour had lost this would have been all over the news!

chorley 1 result

Comment on that site:

Nice job from the unelectable”

Euxton North (Chorley) is a key marginal between Labour and the Conservatives, has been one of the more reliable bellwether seats in the country, having been won by the party that went on to form the government in every election since 1964.

The three candidates hoping to win the seat on Chorley Council were Tommy Gray (Labour), Alan Platt (Conservative) and Christopher Suart (UK Independence Party).

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Dr Alan Maddison ‏@alanmaddison20  19h19 hours ago

@MoAkram8 @JeremyCorbyn4PM This is really encouraging.

Mo Akram ‏@MoAkram8  19h19 hours ago

@alanmaddison20 @JeremyCorbyn4PM It is a GREAT result considering the biased anti Corbyn onslaught by the mainstream media!

David Carr @BeGoodBeBrave  13h13 hours ago

@john1genius @MoAkram8 @JeremyCorbyn4PM If Labour had lost this would have been all over the news!

David Carr ‏@BeGoodBeBrave  13h13 hours ago

@john1genius @MoAkram8 @JeremyCorbyn4PM BBC becoming crude propaganda arm of the Tory Government. Imagine if Labour had lost this election.

And off subject but so neat: JeremyCorbyn4PM Retweeted: BBC Question Time ‏@bbcquestiontime  Oct 29

.@billybragg It shouldn’t be socialism for the bankers and capitalism for the steel workers. #bbcqt

Last word from UK Polling Report site:

chorley comment


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