Bargain: we won’t talk about your issues with Tibet, workers’ rights etc if you ignore our invasions, our displacement of Chagossians and illegal executions by drone

cameron xi




As the government ‘scrambles’ (the Nikkei-FT’s expression) to agree a number of Chinese inward investment deals, involving infrastructure, high tech, banking and other financial services for official signing ceremonies, Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to the UK, has warned that the Chinese president would not take kindly to being reprimanded on human rights during his visit.

Mr Xi Jinping will spend four nights in Britain next week, visiting Buckingham Palace, giving a speech at Westminster and visiting the City of London and Manchester. He is to make a speech at Guildhall next Wednesday at which it is hoped he will set out how he hopes to make London the global centre for offshore Chinese finance.

In contrast with more excitable accounts (Corbyn threatens), the FT reports that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has promised to raise the issue next week at a private meeting with the Labour leader.

“We don’t shy away from talking about human rights,” Mr Liu told a press briefing. “What we are against is to use human rights to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs and to try to impose your own system on to others.”

The tabloid press hoping for eyecatching headlines and unflattering photographs of a clash when Xi and Corbyn meet at the state banquet will probably be disappointed. Mr Corbyn’s spokesman said the Labour leader would express his views “in the appropriate way”.


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