US runs amok: if only, as Oborne conjectured, Jeremy Corbyn had directed British foreign policy over the past 15 years . . .

Oborne’s question is called to mind as our unrestrainable psychopathic ‘friend’ bombs a hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières killing 22 people – targetted by a US plane that returned repeatedly to the scene, dropping bombs on a building from which staff and patients were trying to escape.

Extracts from George Monbiot’s Guardian article:

The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.” This is how an anonymous Nato spokesperson described Saturday’s disaster in Afghanistan.

The lies and euphemisms add insult to the crime. Nato’s apparent indifference to life and truth could not fail to infuriate, perhaps to radicalise, people who are currently uninvolved in conflict in Afghanistan.

Of course the Taliban, Isis and Al Qaeda not only kill civilians carelessly, but also murder them deliberately. But this surely strengthens, rather than weakens, the need for a demonstration of moral difference.

An analysis published last year by the human rights group Reprieve revealed that attempts by United States forces to blow up 41 men with drone strikes killed 1,147 people. Many were children. Some of the targets remain unharmed, while repeated attempts to kill them have left a trail of shattered bodies and shattered lives. Because the US still does not do body counts, or not in public at any rate, the great majority of such deaths are likely to be unknown to us.

As the analyst Paul Rogers points out, the US Air Force dropped 1800 bombs while helping Kurdish fighters to wrest the town of Kobane in northern Syria from Isis. It used 200 kg bombs to take out single motorbikes.

Sometimes (Ed: always?) this professed battle for civilisation looks more like a clash of barbarisms.

An air force major involved in the bombing enthused that “to be part of something, to go out and stomp those guys out, it was completely overwhelming and exciting”.

Every misdirected bomb, every brutal night raid, every non-combatant killed, every lie and denial and minimisation is a recruitment poster for those with whom the US is at war. For this reason and many others its wars appears to be failing on most fronts. The Taliban is resurgent. Isis, far from being beaten or contained, is growing and spreading: into North Africa, across the Middle East, and in the Caucasus. The more money and munitions the West pours into Syria and Iraq, the stronger the insurgents appear to become.

The US, with Britain’s help, created Isis

By invading Iraq in 2003, destroying its government and infrastructure, dismantling the army and detaining thousands of former soldiers, the US, with Britain’s help, created Isis. Through bombing, it arguably helps to sustain the movement. Everything it touches now turns to dust, either pulverised directly by its drones and bombers, or destroyed through blowback in the political vacuums it creates.

Unstoppable? The obstacles:

  • A vast intelligence and military establishment that no president since Carter has sought to control;
  • the tremendous profits to be made by weapons companies and military contractors and
  • a propaganda machine that portrays these conflicts in the media as necessary and even heroic.

And – Monbiot ends: here comes the UK government, first operating covertly, against the expressed will of parliament, now presenting the authorisation of its bombing in Syria as a test of manhood.

Always clear in his parliamentary strategy, never clear in his military strategy, David Cameron seeks to join another failed intervention that is likely only to enhance the spread of terrorism.

Barbarians clash indeed – both ‘sides’ are abhorrent!


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