Jeremy Corbyn shines by comparison with his critics: first, MP Priti Patel

Mark Steel ‏@mrmarksteel  9h9 hours ago: Priti Patel just said “Corbyn supports terrorist groups.” She must prove this, or Corbyn be allowed to make up whatever he likes about her.

jeremy corbyn (2)JC will not and should not descend to the depths, whatever the dross throws out. People are flocking to support Corbyn because he will – and should – uphold standards of decency not common in political circles today.

He doesn’t need to contest Ms Patel’s statement because of these points in the public domain, which should be made known to the wider public:

  • For many years he has stood, with few political comrades, as a man of peace, supporting ‘terrorists’ like Nelson Mandela and former IRA politicians.
  • He is a long-standing MP with an exemplary constituency record and an increasing majority.

Part of the problem

  • priti patelPriti Patel, a political novice, after several unsuccessful electoral attempts, was entered for the ‘safe seat’ of Witham.
  • In contrast with Corbyn’s plain living lifestyle, Ms Patel has made a great deal of money working in the public relations ‘industry’ to mitigate damage to the tobacco and alcohol corporates:

Acceptable to the plutocracy – but not to the 99%


To learn more read the Guardian’s summary of the content of documents, released by British American Tobacco (BAT) following a legal action, showing that Patel was handsomely paid – £165 an hour – to counter the negative publicity that the company’s wage agreements in Burma (paying workers £15 a month) generated.

Her employers at the time, PR firm Weber Shandwick, also paid her to lobby MEPs against the introduction of the EU tobacco control directive, and “provide strategic advice on the account with a particular focus on the Conservative Party”, billing the company for over £20,000 per month.

In other words, she is a very typical part of the problem: the revolving door and the unholy alliance with big business which has greatly damaged Britain and which is so very afraid of the support for Jeremy Corbyn.


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