A tale of three politicians: which would you trust?

alistair video

The Huffington Post reports that Alastair Campbell has said David Cameron’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn was likely to be “effective.”

cameron speech

Speaking in Manchester on Wednesday, the prime minister accused the Labour leader of holding a “Britain-hating ideology.” He suggested that Corbyn thought the death of Osama bin Laden a “tragedy,” rather than repeating his precise idea, which was that bin Laden’s extra-judicial execution without trial was a tragedy. A petition demanding that Cameron retract is being circulated.

JC elected

David Cameron’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn is likely to be ineffective – and indeed to strengthen his support base.

Every time these dubious characters make some charge against the Labour leader, thousands more are recruited.


Because, at long last, the LabCon regime has been rumbled.

The general public has woken up to the corrupt nature of their elected parliament, with the exposure of relatively minor peccadilloes – claiming unmerited expenses, seeking cash for questions – to serious but legal corruption. This sees senior MPs powerfully influenced by large corporations which offer them non-executive directorships and/or retirement positions and then make decisions which increase their benefactors’ profits, rather than the common good.

Ordinary people try to make ends meet as these spivs use taxpayers’ money to:

  • promote the global casino with commodities trading,
  • subsidise trade in weapons,
  • sell off the country’s assets and utilities,
  • privatise health and local government and
  • make the poorest pay for the banker-politician-made crash.

As the drip feed of slander and innuendo proceeds apace, the Labour Party membership continues to increase; many thousands flock to hear Jeremy Corbyn and make their presence enthusiastically felt on social media, radio, TV or in public – wherever there is an audience.

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