Cameron ‘frit’ as 7000 people crowd Manchester, supporting Corbyn

cameron speech

David Cameron attacked Jeremy Corbyn (below right) in his speech to the Conservative Party conference, labelling the new Labour leader’s “ideology” as “security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating”.

JC standingLD leader Tim Farron advises: to understand this Tory government, look at what they have done, not the promises of a seasoned PR man.

“This, after all, is from a government that has already scrapped the child poverty target, demonised refugees, cut benefits for asylum seekers and slashed housing benefit for large families.

“It is the most extraordinary chutzpah for Mr Cameron to claim to be a poverty champion at the same time he is picking the pockets of the very poorest workers by slashing their tax credits”.

Sweatshop Britain?

Matthew Norman reported that in a fringe meeting, Cameron’s henchman, millionaire Jeremy Hunt (for chequered career see Wikipedia), spoke about imminent cuts to working people’s tax credits, and how “hard work” with no support from the tax system will liberate people from the vicious indignity (Norman’s ‘paraphrase’) of having enough money to live on.

jeremy hunt 2graphicHis panacea: the British should work as hard as the Chinese

Will Messrs Hunt and Cameron explain why impoverishing the poor by up to £1,300 per annum, will incentivise them to work, but the already affluent only respond to higher salaries and bonuses.

Well may they be ‘frit’ , faced with a genuinely caring opponent.



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