Janan Ganesh in the Nikkei-FT makes a puerile written attack on Corbyn supporters

Can anyone take his writing seriously, marred – as it so often is – by envy, jibes and malice?

Howlers, best treated in the pantomime tradition:

“His movement is not, as it claims, a howl at inequality and questing militarism”

Oh yes it is!

“Corbynism is not an expression of how bad things have become”

Oh yes it is!

“The electors who were decisive in giving him the run of the Labour party are public-sector professionals or students on their way to becoming the same”.

Oh no, they’re not.

The people he pillories: at Corbyn’s Nuneaton rally – a fair cross-section of society.

corbyn nuneaton 2audience

Very unlike what these have become:


Ganesh continues:

“A Corbyn rally is not a band of desperate workers fighting to improve their circumstances, it is a communion of comfortable people working their way up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. They have physical health and security; they crave belonging and self-actualisation”.

In other words they care for others in poorer circumstances here and those being destabilised, evicted and executed abroad by drone.

“If Jeremaniacs really think they are following in the lineage of the Jarrow marchers, the Tolpuddle martyrs and other working-class rebellions of lore, it is hard not to admire their shimmering brass necks”.

Cheap shot.

“The far left cannot even stand up its claim that inequality is rising here”.

Oh yes they can – and he must know it. Many sources verifying this include the Telegraph article and the recent OECD report:



Ganesh ends: “Mr Corbyn is not a strike against capitalism. By inuring people to prosperity, freeing them to make loftier demands, capitalism is exactly what keeps him in business”.

janan g 2

Yet – Jekyll and Hyde? – Ganesh speaks quite sensibly on video.

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