How will Tim Farron react to the press barrage implicitly urging him to welcome a Blairite influx?

Once bitten, twice shy?

tim farron

After reading wise and co-operative words from leaders of the NHAP, Greens and now from Mebyon Kernow, the writer sought the views of Tim Farron, the new Liberal Democrat leader, who has sounded so promising.

Sadly, there was a disappointment- how far media hype and how far it reflects behind the scenes reality it is impossible for an outsider to assess.

Constraints of time prevent the addition of the many headlines from the advertisement-dependent press attempting to undermine a LD/Labour collaboration.

We end with one such gem from City AM:

“Pundits and betting fans alike are now watching to see who will be the first to jump ship – and which party they will defect to?

“Ladbrokes has run the figures for City A.M. and Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk – who this week challenged Corbyn over his refusal to rule out wearing a white poppy at Remembrance Sunday in November – is favourite to leave first, with odds of 4/1″.

Will Farron be as wise as the other party leaders mentioned – or will he steer his party safely (?) into the Tory-lite arena despite the recent disastrous coalition?





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