Nikkei FT speaks with forked tongue, via Jim Pickard: Jeremy Corbyn has never wanted ‘a free rein’ and they must know it!

ft nikkeiIn an attempt to portray this mild, caring, courteous democrat as a dictator, Pickard reports: “Corbyn told he will not be given free rein to run”.

Though political editor George Parker is more restrained, in the new style Nikkei FT Pickard uses emotive language . . .

He crushed his three rivals with 60% of the vote.

He is being reminded by powerful party figures that he may not be given a completely free rein.

insinuates that Corbyn will betray his principles . . .

In other areas, the new leader will soon find himself juggling radical instincts with the need to maintain party unity.

Also reminds readers of union finance – failing to compare it with the largesse big business gives the Conservative government

“The union leaders who keep Labour financially afloat, and who backed Mr Corbyn, reminded him on Sunday of the limits to his power. Dave Prentiss, Unison general secretary said: “Jeremy Corbyn will have to compromise on some of the very, very clear statements he has been making . . . He will have his input, but large numbers of people will as well” – precisely the way Corbyn operates, by genuine consultation.

The FT then happily quotes Paul Richards, co-founder of Progress, the Blairite group

Richards is reported to have said that Mr Corbyn was not a “feudal king” and it would not be a simple task for him to impose radical leftwing policies:

Readers will remember that Corbyn has always intended consult widely and not ‘impose’ policies from above as happened in previous LabCon administrations

“Labour does not change immediately; policies still need to go through platforms such as the National Policy Forum,” said Mr Richards. “I think he will try to get his supporters on the national executive, the NPF, the conference arrangement committee — these obscure groups people have never heard of.”

Mr Richards has diligently taken lessons in obfuscation from Blair, his mentor

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