Lord Mandelson – of all people – intervenes to promote ‘fairness in our society’ and ‘Britain’s place in the world’

peter mandelson2The author of the FT’s recent article about the consequences of electing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader, Peter Mandelson, is merely described as a former cabinet minister, Labour’s campaign director in 1985-91 and 1995-97.

There is much more to him than that

Several sources reported in 2011 that he had David Cameron’s support to succeed Pascal Lamy as head of The World Trade Organisation, Nicholas Watt of the Guardian also speaking of the PM’s ‘high regard’ for Mandelson.

He certainly shares with his ally, Tony Blair – another Cameron adviser – an overweening ambition and a propensity to pursue wealth.

How different from his target, Jeremy Corbyn

Refreshing the memory, Wikipedia records Mandelson’s blemished career, including:

  • his first resignation from government because he was found to be ‘hugely and secretly indebted to the Paymaster-General’ and had not declared the loan in the Register of Members’ Interests, and
  • his second resignation, following accusations of using his position to influence a passport application by Srichand Hinduja, an Indian businessman.

Lord Mandelson’s commercial interests have included acting as:

  • adviser to the advisory investment banking firm, Lazard,
  • director of a Russian arms company,
  • and adviser to Asia Pulp & Paper in selling timber products to Europe, accused in 2012 illegal logging in Indonesia and damaging the habitats of rare animals.

His words of wisdom – or vested interest – after voicing concern about fairness in our society and Britain’s place in the world:

”It would be a sad and possibly final chapter in the British Labour party’s history. If the leadership election that closes in two weeks’ time is won by Jeremy Corbyn, the current favourite, his policies — printing money, state ownership of major industries, unilateral disarmament and quitting Nato — will make the party unelectable.

“That would be a very bad outcome for anyone who cares about fairness in our society or Britain’s place in the world. For those of us who have once before trodden the road of rebuilding Labour, it would also be a poignant one”.

Used car anyone?

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