Will the Labour Party become a social movement during the ‘five years of dismantling ahead’?

Jeremy writes: “Our party must become a social movement again. It was founded to stand up to injustice, and too often we have lost our way, ignored our supporters or been cowed by powerful commercial interests and the press”.

Owen comments that ”Whatever their pretences, the BBC and many of its journalists will be among those attempting to undermine a Corbyn leadership”.

Mary emails to say that she is putting in a complaint to the BBC because they are searching the world trying to find people to speak against Corbyn but never interview any of his supporters. Her understated comment: “A little bit of bias creeping in”.

But perhaps she should not worry: as Roy and others notice, support for Jeremy Corbyn appears to grow despite, perhaps even because of hostile media reports.

Owen warns:those who wish the Corbyn movement well need to prepare for it now”. He adds a practical point: “Firstly, the mother of all voter registration drives has to be unleashed. The poorer you are in modern Britain, the less likely you are to vote . . . Barack Obama triumphed because of a strategy of ‘expanding the electorate’ “.


“Personally I see this movement as a flicker of hope in a very dark night. The Tories have got five years of dismantling ahead of them and things look very bleak for fairness and social justice . . .

“However as a reaction to this awful situation we are seeing this kind of grassroots movement emerge. It just shows how there is still good in this country. And it does it despite almost universal derision by the mainstream media. Amazing.

“Labour losing the election may be a significant turning point in the history of our country”

Seumas adds that Corbyn has already succeeded in bursting open a political establishment stitch-up. He has:

  • pushed an anti-austerity agenda into the heart of political debate,
  • forced his rivals to halt their shift to the right,
  • and brought tens of thousands of young people into active politics.

He insists: “Whoever wins, that movement is not going to disappear. In six weeks, the Corbyn campaign has changed the rules of the game”.


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