Corbyn in the FT: hard left or just plain decent and sensible?

Jim Pickard made a digest of his long interview with Jeremy Corbyn – the latter headed by the nasty cartoon caricature the FT has used previously. Points highlighted – for information:

  • Asked whether the City of London should be nervous about his prospective victory on September 12, he said bankers should wake up to Britain’s “gross inequalities”. “I do think the salary levels and the bonus levels again have got to be looked at,” he said. “I am looking at the gap in every organisation between highest and lowest levels of pay.”
  • On the media, Mr Corbyn signalled plans to change ownership rules in the UK, saying that there was far too much concentration of news organisations in the hands of too few. “We need a media that is not controlled by a very small number of very big interests . . . [Mr Murdoch] should understand that we’re very serious about diversity of media ownership and I hope he will understand that.”
  • A Corbyn opposition party would promise to bring back the 50p top rate of income tax that the coalition abolished early in the last parliament. However, he said he had no plans to hit the City with new taxes, saying that the current bank tax imposed by chancellor George Osborne was “about right”.
  • Mr Corbyn also vowed to oppose the expansion of Heathrow, which would cause consternation among business leaders who favour the project. “The third runway is a problem for noise pollution across west London . . . we have to use underutilised capacity elsewhere,” Mr Corbyn told the FT. “I’d vote against it in this parliament.”
  • The Labour leader candidate also turned his attention to Nato, saying the “cold war product . . . should have shut up shop in 1990 along with the Warsaw Pact”. He said he was nervous about Nato’s eastward expansion, stressing the need for a “better-developed relationship with Russia” — though he insisted he was “no defender” of Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Jeremy Corbyn’s policies are set out on this page.



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