Corbyn: Jewish Chronicle allegations refuted by progressive Jews; Israel rallies for peace

jc4Investigative journalist, Felicity Arbuthnot, draws attention to news of a welcome letter highlighted in a recent article in the Jewish Chronicle. After alleging that Jeremy Corbyn has links to anti-semites and holocaust deniers, the paper deplores this letter, which has been signed by many well-known people, including Miriam Margolyes, Michael Rosen and others with Jewish surnames. It states:

“Your assertion that your attack on Jeremy Corbyn is supported by ‘the vast majority of British Jews’ is without foundation. We do not accept that you speak on behalf of progressive Jews in this country. You speak only for Jews who support Israel, right or wrong. There is something deeply unpleasant and dishonest about your McCarthyite guilt by association technique. Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary record over 32 years has consistently opposed all racism including antisemitism.”

The letter continues: “Hamas was democratically elected in Palestinian elections generally accepted as fair, and Hezbollah also has strong electoral support in Lebanon.

“You report Paul Eisen as saying that Jeremy Corbyn donated to Deir Yassin Remembered. So did many people before discovering the existence of anti-Semites and Holocaust-deniers in the organisation. Many people attended the occasional fundraising concert that DYR organised, without either knowing of or sympathising with Mr Eisen’s views” . . .

rally israel

On one hand we have the Corbyn the peacemaker – on the other, Israel, in which thousands rallied for peace recently in Tel Aviv, Beersheba and Haifa. A way forward?


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