The young see Corbyn as dignified, principled, unconcerned with personal advancement, and passionate about his politics

Roslyn Cook has tweeted the link to an article reporting that a significant portion of the support Jeremy Corbyn is receiving is coming from newly recruited young Labour members.

jeremy corbynAt the Islington North meeting the article’s writer attended last week, she saw people of all ages, but notably young people, standing up in support of Corbyn, adding: “And, despite what his opponents might say, it’s clear he has a support base outside of Islington . . . An untapped stream of young people in Britain feel their politics are not being represented. You see them on the austerity marches, on social media, in the words of Charlotte Church and Owen Jones and Mhairi Black”.

As she points out, “the more commentators and politicians highlight his “outdated” socialist values and his supposed unelectability, the more Corbyn steadily gains support. In contrast to the other candidates, who have never taken him seriously and now appear to be panicking, Corbyn comes across as dignified, principled, unconcerned with personal advancement, and passionate about his politics”.

But the surge in support for Corbyn isn’t just about young people re-engaging with left-wing politics, it’s about hope

rhiannon cosslettMany of the Corbyn supporters in their teens and twenties – and far older – feel that the country is potentially at a turning point when it comes to deciding, as a nation and as a society, what our values are, and that only Corbyn offers an optimistic vision for the future.

Some of the people the writer spoke to came from traditionally Labour-supporting households and think Corbyn represents a return to those values. “I think that, being from the North, it’s the IDEA of the Labour Party that I like,” said Alex McBride, 24, from Manchester, “the idea that my grandparents and parents voted for them; for ideas like decency, fairness, representation, respect, unity, hope – ideas that transcend the Watford Gap at least!”

Unelectable? She ends “Better a passionate and interesting opposition that has moral conviction than a bunch of identikit shysters who will jettison their values as soon as electoral victory looks likely”.

Read the whole article by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett (above) here.



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