BBC rough handing fails to disturb Scotland’s first minister

Arm of government – yet again?

The SNP Westminster Parliamentary Party met on Monday night, to discuss proposals to ‘water down’ the ban on fox-hunting in England and Wales. The 56 MPs decided to oppose these, following a host of letters from English correspondents asking the SNP – as a real ideological opposition – to intervene.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, was interviewed by a Today presenter, possibly Justin Webb

Nicola SturgeonIn a vain attempt to confound Ms Sturgeon, she was interrupted and ‘talked over’ in a very clumsy bid to portray her as – at best – inconsistent.

An hour later the BBC website underpinned this view, also – but more politely and by implication.

‘A’ for persistence: BBC later makes this subject the 8am news headline

In a thinly veiled attempt to rally public opinion against the SNP at Westminster, it is implied that the SNP is taking this stance due to pique at the proposal for Scottish MPs to be barred from voting on measures which will have financial implications for their country.

This strong, intelligent and public spirited leader will need all her strengths to counter political attempts to undermine her – and she has support all over Britain.


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