We can’t have Corbyn as leader: gung ho military adventures and arms sales would be spiked!

kiran staceyKiran Stacey (FT) – impressive on video – reports that ministers are attempting to build a cross-party consensus to extend the RAF’s air campaign to include strikes against Isis targets in Syria.

He thinks it likely that ministers will wait for a new Labour leader to be elected before bringing a motion before the Commons, “conscious that a second defeat on the issue would be a humiliation”. That defeat two years ago is described as “a running sore for the government”.

Noting that the RAF has been carrying out strikes in Iraq since September, Helen Waddell (FT) notes that in Syria drones have been limited to a surveillance role. Following the Tunisian attack, however, David Cameron announced that Isis members in Iraq and Syria were plotting “terrible attacks” on British soil.

michael fallonEarlier this month Bloomberg News reported that Defence Secretary Michael Fallon had urged British lawmakers to consider allowing attacks on Islamic State targets in Syria.

In the House of Commons on Thursday he said that the British strategy of attacking Islamic State in Iraq but not in Syria made little sense, adding: “We would return to this house for approval before conducting air strikes in Syria,” he said. “It is for all members to consider how best to tackle ISIL.”

The International Business Times reports that Fallon is expected to state that there is no legal barrier to British military attacks, noting that both the Canadian and Jordanian air forces have already attacked Syrian targets.

Cuts for Britain’s poorest in the budget were expected but not the escalating ‘gung ho’ military proposals.


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