Alarmed by growing support for Corbyn, a right-wing agent acts

jeremy corbynAs the latest totals of constituency Labour Party nominations put Jeremy Corbyn, with 28 nominations, in second place behind Andy Burnham with 33, a ‘Labour First’ email, passed to the Huffington Post, sets out a way of transferring votes between Kendall, Cooper and Burnham to prevent the Islington North MP from winning constituency Labour Party nominations.

These are said to ‘offer clues’ to how the four candidates are performing among party members. A spokesman for the Corbyn campaign told HuffPost UK: “Despite starting as very much the underdog, and despite these tactics, Jeremy Corbyn is already proving more successful with CLP nominations than many expected.

The email (text below), which was organised by Labour First Secretary Luke Akehurst, is said to make it clear that the main objective is to stop Corbyn because he would ‘destroy Labour’s chances of electability’.

blairite email

The fear: no more gravy train under Corbyn?

Corbyn’s record certainly shows that if he were elected he would expect Labour MPs to curb excessive expenses claims and refrain from courting the corporate sector.

gravy train

Akehurst: the murky mirror image of Jeremy Corbyn: PR, arms industry and supporter of Israel, ‘warts and all’

luke akehurstBefore becoming Labour councillor for Hackney, Luke Akehurst spent 11 years as a lobbyist for a PR company, worked with Weber Shandwick, largely for the defence industry, for property companies and local authorities.

At Hackney Council he worked for permission for ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to be allowed to extend their houses and opposed the proposed boycott of Veolia for because the company helped to build the tram system in Jerusalem.

In November 2014 he was appointed director of the Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre’s We Believe in Israel department. The founder and a funder of BICOM is Poju Zabludowicz, a London-based Israeli billionaire who funds the Conservative Party (see Channel 4 Dispatches) and has substantial property interests in one of the illegal West Bank settlements.

Akehurst’s next step

And now: “I am in the middle of an election campaign to try to get back onto the Labour national executive committee, where I was from 2010-2012 and then narrowly lost. I am also interested in seeking a parliamentary selection if there are any late retirements next year.”

Will he be able to follow in Tony Blair’s destructive footsteps . . .?


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