Our special friend – whom we aided and abetted – has sown the wind and now the whirlwind is upon all, innocent and guilty


A section [only 1947-2009] of a chart recording ‘interventions’ in the South and Central American states, invaded or otherwise destabilised, now relatively free, prospering and remarkably forgiving:

us intervention 47- 2004

Since oil was discovered in several Middle Eastern countries in the 1930s there has been an increasing American involvement in the region. The End of History, a web site which presents values based perspectives on what is happening in this generation, but not an agenda or a political position, has a full timeline here. A small section:

US section 2MiddleEastPolicyTimeline1

The Middle East has been destabilised by the United States, helped by Britain – even repressive regimes are facing outbreaks – but whilst the United Nations HQ is based in America and dominated by the veto-ridden Security Council, is any beneficial outcome possible?


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  1. Andy by email:

    A broad view of American foreign policy from 1914 to Iraq. Worth listening to if you have the time (55mins):


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