Rethinking and rebranding needed? Windscale to Sellafield . . .

AHDB logos

A dairy farmer has been prompted to stand on the soapbox by a June report of new branding for the UK’s agricultural levy boards – and allied cost – ‘unveiled’ by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) chair Peter Kendall.

Bringing long term benefits for farmers and growers?

Peter Kendall, formerly NFU president, said, “Earlier this year AHDB funded the UK’s first Agriculture and Food Counsellor to China. This new three year appointment will help pave the way for building on the estimated £215 million of UK food and drink exports to China each year”.

Soapbox points:

  • Nero fiddles while Rome burns . . . Dairyco has been rebranded as AHDB Dairy as part of a pointless £60,000 rebrand – This is of course at the expense of compulsory levy payments made by producers.
  • It is real change we want, like ending the compulsory levy. Not a gross misuse of producers’ hard earned resource in a wasteful rebrand.
  • AHDB didn’t fund the UK’s first Agriculture and Food Counsellor to China, it was funded by producers forced to pay a compulsory levy whether we agree with it or not, which I don’t.
  • We producers are gradually being turned into satellite producers for wealthy Chinese – corporate middlemen mop up any excess profit.
  • Of course as soon as they find another source we will be dumped and then have to flood our own market with the surplus, causing a further drop in producer income.

Apart from the case of a natural disaster or emergency, generally speaking staple food ought not to be treated as a commodity to be produced and traded speculatively abroad – or in excess to feed anyone but those living in the country where it was produced.

Later: “Don’t export our good food, offer more nutritious food at foodbanks


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