Did pollsters ignore the rural vote?

Farmers For Action (NI) send a message  for the new government


The Conservatives Owe UK Farmers & their Families


Statement by William Taylor, Farmers For Action:

The election results in England and Wales quite clearly indicate that the pollsters ignored the rural vote by and large.

Scotland’s SNP vote was obviously a protest against traditional Labour and its past mismanagement of the economy. Therefore, it is clear that the Conservatives owe UK farmers and their families.

This debt can be paid by the Conservatives backing the majority of Northern Ireland’s farm organisations in the push for legislation on farm gate prices in Northern Ireland which would return 30,000 jobs (on average one professional job per farm) immediately in Northern Ireland, with four times that soon after plus apprenticeships.

This would put the Conservatives in a position to roll this out across the UK returning 220,000 jobs plus four times that soon after plus apprenticeships.

Now that the Westminster elections are over and we are heading towards next year’s local elections, FFA UK NI and all the other farm organisations supporting legislation on farm gate prices have work to do.

Farming organisations will work to gain the support of local parties and independents in the run up to next year’s NI elections. where FFA will be making it clear to rural voters who deserves their support and who does not.”

FFA (NI) 56 Cashel Road, Macosquin, Coleraine, BT51 4NU

Tel. 028 703 43416 / 07909744624 Email taylor.w@btconnect.com





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