Fairtrade sourcing? Not in Britain: import, export and speculate on ‘commodities’

Jam tomorrow? Election promises are being made by government to guarantee that in five years time, all government departments will be buying food produced anywhere in the world ‘to British standards of production’.

speculation foodGreat British Food Unit        

A Great British Food Unit will press exports: trademark and promote local foods around the world, says the manifesto.

The EXIM game also offers unproductive people very profitable opportunities for playing the market.

Fair Cost of Production+ price?

None of the measures proposed referred to giving a fair COP+ price by reducing supermarket profit margins.

Cold comfort for dairy farmers:

P and L Agri-Consulting’s Sarah Hardman merely advises dairy farmers to reduce their feed use and thus COP by getting more from forage.

liz trussSecure in her privileged position, Minister Liz Truss tells liquid milk producers to raise their income by making yoghurt and cheese.

Many dairy farmers are currently losing money and subsidising the liquid milk supply with unpaid family labour and second jobs. To ask them to incur the capital costs of installing such equipment is an unthinking, uncaring variant oflet them eat cake’.


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