Radioactive waste sites: bribes failed, state force legitimised

Law on radioactive waste passed on the last day of parliament; Anne from Shirley sends a link and writes: nuclear dumping without protection… NICE, NOT!

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The Department for Energy and Climate Change offered local authorities financial inducements to host nuclear waste storage sites. Cumbria county council and Copeland and Allerdale borough councils put their names forward, but later pulled out.

As this financial approach did not work, DECC then said procedures would change.

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MP Zac Goldsmith: “Most of the MPs who voted probably didn’t know what they were voting for”

Regulations in new law passed on the last day of parliament (download legislation here) now class radioactive waste sites as “nationally significant infrastructure projects” which can be chosen by the Secretary of State for Energy; local people could object but they would not be able to prevent the dump being built.

About 4.5 million cubic metres of radioactive waste has built up over the last 50 years. It is currently kept in containers in a number of sites in the UK as a number of attempts to build a permanent storage facility have failed. Taxpayer fund two-thirds of the cost of waste management.

radioactive waste regulation 2015

zacZac Goldsmith, a Conservative MP well worth re-electing, voted against the law. He said “Effectively it strips local authorities of the ability to stop waste being dumped in their communities. If there had been a debate, there could have been a different outcome: most of the MPs who voted probably didn’t know what they were voting for.”

Will radioactive waste be coming to your area?


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