Are there really plans to strengthen the damaging corporate–political alliance if Conservatives get another term in government?

gravy train

The FT ‘understands’ that the Treasury is to permit Francis Maude, Cabinet Office minister, to offer leading business people salaries bigger than the prime minister’s as he hunts for 25 commercial directors for Whitehall.

Senior figures from the business world are to be drafted into government on salaries higher than David Cameron’s in an effort to use their corporate expertise to make billions more in savings after the general election.

corporate lobbying graphic stepsCommercial heavy hitters with the ability to drive harder bargains for the taxpayer will be recruited to negotiate the big “legacy” contracts, particularly in IT, up for renewal after the election.

Alongside the new appointments, the government will seek to strengthen commercial skills further by launching a new project leadership programme at Cranfield University. It will run alongside the existing Major Projects Leadership Academy, based at the Saïd Business School in Oxford.

The move follows a string of scandals that have outwitted Whitehall, such as the revelation that G4S and Serco, two big outsourcers, had overcharged on electronic tagging contracts.

atos costs

Will the poachers turn gamekeeper – or become more effective poachers?

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