Sir Peter Tapsell is wrong: if money–grubbers find MPs’ careers unattractive, honest, public-spirited people will step forward

Former ministers MPs Rifkind and Straw, suggested that £5,000 a day was the going rate for their services – and how many others have done so, unrevealed?

straw rifkind

Reader figures for a recent post on this site (The Straw/Rifkind cases – tip of the iceberg) indicate the level of concern.

During Prime Minister’s Questions last week, Sir Peter Tapsell, the ‘father of the House’ jeered, “If MPs are not allowed a second job, they would soon be confined to:

  • the inheritors of substantial fortunes,
  • those with rich spouses,
  • obsessive crackpots
  • or those who are unemployable anywhere else”.

The writer could name probably forty honest, able, experienced and public spirited people who would enter the House of Commons – if cleansed.

When MPs who place financial reward before service no longer think it sufficiently profitable, far more parliamentary candidates will come forward from the ranks of those who truly wish to serve the 99%.


At present they would recoil from putting their names forward because they do not wish to enter governments who work largely in the corporate interest.


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