Prime ministers and presidents from Europe and the Middle East are marching for peace

world leaders in paris

Note to new readers: this article was written in an ironical spirit, using the terms that the less admirable media use. However in one case at least it has been taken seriously and caused some concern . . .

Paris 2015.

Prime ministers and presidents from across Europe and the Middle East joined more than a million French people to march in the streets of Paris, grieving for the 17 people killed in terrorist attacks by Muslims this month..

A concerted and effective collective stance such as this could do more – eventually – to bring social, environmental and economic benfits to their peoples than all their parliamentary manouevrings. .

Palestine 2014

Their next stopover could be in Palestine, where they could grieve over more than 2000 people killed by the Jewish army in the Gaza war this August.
. .

Israel 2014

Following that, a visit to Israel to pay tribute to the four civilians killed by Hamas during the Gaza war.

Norway 2011

The prime ministers and presidents from across Europe and the Middle East could then proceed to Norway, and grieve for the 77 people killed by ‘100% Christian’ Anders Breivik.

Iraq 2003-2015

Ongoing grief for Iraqis could then be acknowledged – the 30,000 who former president Bush estimated died in the illegal, United States-led war and the 116,000 civilian lives lost in the following eight years, according to a Lancet study.
Genuine sorrow would lead them to initiate a period of reconstruction where the huge sums now spent on armaments would be redirected to serving the needs of their people. Terrorism would not easily find adherents in a happy, respected and prospering people.

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  1. From Moseley by email:

    I think a lot of people will recognise the hypocrisy depicted by this show of unity.

  2. I’d add to that they could go to Pakistan and grieve for the 132 children killed in school, and then to Nigeria to grieve for all the young women kidnapped months ago. There must be many more.

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