Will free healthcare be a thing of the past within a matter of years?

Clive Savage sent an article which expresses this belief.The account in the Chichester Observer reports that Dr Lucy Reynolds (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) spoke to an audience at St Paul’s Church recently, warning them that only the very poor or sick will be immune from paying for doctor appointments and surgery, with the ‘whole system about to fall apart’.

dr lucy reynoldshttp://learn4kicks.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/dr-lucy-reynolds-on-privatisation-of-the-nhs/

She said that some Clinical Commissioning Groups were going ‘hell for leather’ handing out NHS contracts to private companies and ‘totally encouraged by the government: “In the future, the NHS will still be tax-funded, partially, but we will also be expected to pay, either by insurance premiums or paying doctor’s bills directly. If we allow private companies to come in and take that money away then there will be less and less available to treat sick people. The system is about to fall apart and the government want someone to take the blame for it so GPs are taking the brunt of it.”

The meeting also heard from Margaret Guest, chairman of Don’t Cut Us Out, who said the same level of privatisation had been occurring in adult social care to the detriment of the disabled and elderly.

A month ago, following the award of a £235m Musculoskeletal (MSK) contract to BUPA, the Observer launched a major campaign called A&E SOS to protect vital hospital services in Chichester. It has the backing of Chichester MP Andrew Tyrie and a number of campaign groups, NHS staff and patients.

hmg epetition logoIts epetition calls for a written guarantee that Accident & Emergency and orthopaedic services services at St Richard’s Hospital will not be adversely affected by a controversial NHS contract being awarded to BUPA CSH Ltd. 

The new National Health Action Party shares Dr Reynolds’ fears.



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