Plutocratic Britain: health service ‘floor staff’ are denied a 1% rise but well-paid MPs are offered 9%

Reward for costly failure

A senior Cabinet minister is reported to have told The Times: “We’ve made three mistakes that I regret, the first being restructuring the NHS. The rest are minor.”

pirate fm logoRehana Azam, GMB National Officer, adds – in an interesting account on Cornwall’s Pirate FM – that this was a very expensive mistake, estimating that £3 billion was wasted on NHS reorganisation while £13.5 billion of NHS services have been offered to the private sector and over £1 billion returned from the NHS to the Treasury.

1% rise: alleged to cost only £500m

broken britain 3 mps bankersGovernment has accepted the IPSA recommendation of a 9% pay rise next year for MPs (an extra £7000 p/a) but decided to ignore the independent Pay Review Body recommendation of a 1% pay rise for 2014/15 for 60% of NHS staff and 70% of nurses. The Guardian reports that increasing salaries by this amount would add only £500m to the pay bill.

Stuart Roden from Unison told Pirate FM: “Morale was pretty low anyway. People are under a lot of pressure. The hospital has been virtually full for weeks on end . . .Our action is aimed at the government to try to persuade them. They honoured their own pay review body for MPs’ salaries yet they’re stopping it for low paid NHS workers.”

These events reinforce the foreboding expressed by Oliver Huitson in 2011, as political decisions continue to hit the lower income groups who cannot afford private healthcare:

“The political class have busied themselves selling off the national inheritance, leaving nothing to future generations but debt. The NHS is now being privatised without a public mandate, in the face of warnings from across the medical profession and independent bodies and in clear breach of an electoral pledge. Both the Tory party and Lansley himself have received substantial payments from the firms who will profit from the break-up of our health service. “We may not quite be an “elective dictatorship”, but this does have the feel of a nation sinking into an elective plutocracy”

Will even more people now take up membership of the ‘patients not profits’ National Health Action Party?



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  1. Anne by email:

    & FTSE bosses (what about NHS etc managers???):

    midwives get less than inflation….

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