Why the furore about a UKIP MP and not the equally noteworthy news of a Green MP?

Perhaps because the Green Party is the only mainstream party committed to transforming our economy for the benefit of all – a dire threat to the ‘haves’

green party logoOur media fails to get excited about membership of the Green Party increasing by 46% since the start of 2014, now passing 20,000. They failed to give space to its performance in the May 2014 European Elections, in terms of MEPs returned and percentage of the total vote, becoming the third party.

In the West Midlands, the Greens are now the main opposition to the Conservative-led Solihull Council.

Is the ‘oxygen of publicity’ being denied to a radical and therefore threatening message?

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett listed a few policies:

  • a £10 per hour minimum wage by 2020,
  • for rich individuals and multinational companies to be forced to pay their fair share of tax,
  • and for the finance sector to be made to serve the needs of the real economy, rather than threaten it with disaster.”

and shaking up business-as-usual Westminster politics.”

At the 2015 General Election dozens of young Green Party members are expected to stand. Young Greens co-chair adds a few more policies appealing to their rapidly growing group, consistently polling at over 10% among 16-24 year olds:

  • We are calling for free education, opposing huge hike in tuition fees
  • Cuts in the Education Maintenance Allowance
  • affordable and publicly-owned transport,
  • an end to migrant-bashing
  • and a halt to the cuts to youth services
  • dire lack of cheap housing for ‘Generation Rent’.

They end: “Green Party is the only party committed to transforming our economy”


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