Scottish Yes voters: prepared to pay the price for a more just and equal society

prof antony black dundeeTo Professor Antony Black, Dundee, viewed from the inside, the No verdict felt like a revolution that did not happen.

In the FT he reports that many Yes voters were young and less well-off, but that there were also a surprising number of others supporting Yes because they were prepared to pay a high price for a more just and equal society.

poor no lawyers who owns scotland coverRecalling the complaint of the land reformer Andy Wightman, author of Who Owns Scotland and The Poor Had No Lawyers, that UK elections tend to be decided by a few voters in marginal seats in southern England, Black advocates PR:

Proportional representation must be part of the new deal.

Adding the point often made at the end of the campaign by Yes voters, that “the Westminster parties” would not keep their word, and any powers given to Scotland could always be taken back, he stresses the need for a constitutional arrangement where the new deal cannot be easily changed:

Ideally we need a written constitution with a defined process for amendment”.

Antony Black, Emeritus Professor, Politics and International Relations, University of Dundee, has published a comparative study of the political thought of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, India, Israel, China, Greece and Rome (2009), made a comparative study of the political thought in the West and in the Muslim-ruled world from their origins to the present (2008), wrote a complete history of Islamic political thought (2001) and worked on medieval and early modern European political thought and theories of community.



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