Corporate-political alliance: “the British Establishment can be a thoroughly unpleasant bunch when cornered”

Steve Beauchampe writes – as the British establishment attempts to bludgeon Scottish voters into submission:

“Right now they feel cornered, horrified, terrified, panicking that the sureties of power and control that they have held for several centuries, and which they complacently expected to hold on to after the referendum on Scottish independence, might be less certain than they believed . . . several arms of government, supported by their pro-Unionist cheerleaders in the media, financial sector and business world, rapidly up the ante by threatening the Scots with all manner of grief if they dare to break with Britain”

A Sassenach conspiracy? Robert Peston reports:

“For what its worth, some bankers have seen the invisible hand of 10 Downing Street corralling these bankers to make announcements that have been embarrassing for Alex Salmond and those campaigning for independence.

” ‘There was someone in Number 10 trying to get the banks to co-ordinate on this’ a senior banker told me. But Downing Street says this isn’t true”.

scotland cartoon

    Defending oil and nuclear weapons via ‘Project Fear’?

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