Media said to be ignoring Jewish anti-war protests

It is reported that massive anti-war protests are being held in Tel Aviv, New York and elsewhere: July 26, 2014: WashingtonsBlog

antiwar protests israel 30.7.14

Jews and Palestinians have been holding anti-war protests throughout Israel, but the mainstream media has refused to cover them

antiwar protests NY 30.7.14

Jews also protested the Gaza war in New York City yesterday. Many Jews oppose Israeli treatment of the Palestinians:

antiwar protests 3  30.7.14

Well-known sports writer Dave Zirin tweets: “Israel’s actions are antithetical to everything I was taught in Hebrew School, and yet they did this in my name. Silence isn’t an option.“

Many religious Jews oppose Zionism. So opposing an Israeli policy does not make anti-Semitic.

Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonies from the Occupied Territories 2000-2010

Holocaust Survivors Criticize Israeli Policy Towards Palestinians – videos

Many will join with Washington’s blog in saluting Israelis protesting against the war, especially since dissent may subject them to death threats, as Israel’s Public Radio International reports.


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