Israel’s political, ‘legal’, strategic and ideological violence: ISCI report

A searing account of Israel’s systematic forced evictions in Palestine: Penny Green, ISCI (School of Law, Kings College)* and Amelia Smith, Middle East Monitor*

forced evictions in israel-palestine coverIn the first half of the report, Professor Penny Green, Director of the International State Crime Initiative, examines the historical land and planning complexities behind forced evictions in Israel/Palestine, the mechanics of house demolitions and the impact of the separation wall.

The second part, by Middle East Monitor Staff Writer Amelia Smith, tells the story of Judaisation as the driver of Israeli land grabs and forced evictions, restrictions over the control and use of natural resources, and Israeli settlements, from the standpoint of those most affected.

Fieldwork was conducted from East Jerusalem and Ramallah, to the northern reaches of the Jordan Valley, Yafa [Jaffa] and unrecognized villages near Tel Aviv, to Hebron in the southern West Bank, Bethlehem and into the heart of the Negev where 70,000 desert Palestinian Bedouins are under threat of mass forced displacement.

The focus is on the key political, ‘legal’, strategic, ideological and violent mechanisms Israel has deployed in its programme of expansion.

A number of case-studies illustrate a planned and intentionally complex set of state practices, employed by the state of Israel to remove Palestinians from their historic lands, which are described as criminal and defined as ethnic cleansing within a system of apartheid. They include:

  • village destruction,
  • house demolitions,
  • the destruction of farmland and olive groves,
  • land confiscation,
  • access restrictions to natural resources,
  • denial of residency rights
  • and denial of refugee return.

Read it – if you can.

The International State Crime Initiative is a partnership between King’s, Harvard University, the University of Hull and University of Ulster.

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The Middle East Monitor (MEMO) is an independent media research institution, offering western media fair and accurate coverage of Middle Eastern issues, in particular the Palestine question.

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