Gamble on space tourism – skimp on housing, medical care and education

“Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

cameron securing brits future

Taxpayers’ money is to be spent by UK Space Agency on a vanity project. As many citizens wait for medical treatment, are poorly educated and ill-housed, our appalling government announces that our money is to be spent on ‘commercial spaceports’ in eight locations.

uk space agency logoEven the once-prudent Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has flipped. He approves the investment in space tourism and says it would help boost the economy and make Britain “the place for space”.

Though it is reported that no commercial space company has yet demonstrated a spaceplane that is capable of carrying paying passengers, ministers announce plans for a “spaceport” which could see flights to Australia taking only two hours.

The nearest yet is a reusable ‘supersonic’ spaceplane called Skylon which, it is hoped, will be able to take off and land like a plane – but will not be ready for years. The government has already invested £60m in this Reaction Engines project. The vehicle will be unpiloted, but will be certified to carry passengers – any volunteers?


 It will be the first spaceport ‘of its kind’ outside the United States


There are over 20 spaceports ‘of some kind’ around the world. Some are well known and open to the public, while others are top secret closed sites. The busiest spaceports are Cape Canaveral, Vandenberg, Baikonur, Plesetsk, Kourou, Tanegashima, Jiuquan, Xichang and Sriharikota.

Many American states are refusing to contribute towards the funding and building of spaceports

florita munozIn a report by Australia’s number one news site we read that Florita Munoz (right) – who struggles to make ends meet – has little regard for Spaceport America, which is being built nearby.

It has already cost her state, New Mexico, the 10th poorest in the US, $209 million in public money.

And in England? Government: get your priorities right!

central manchester poverty

A recent report from the Campaign to End Child Poverty listed the poorest constituency as Manchester Central (above), with nearly half (47%) children living in poor families. More than four in 10 children were living with poor families in Belfast West (43%), Glasgow North East (43%), Ladywood, Birmingham (42%), Liverpool Riverside (42%), and Middlesbrough (40%).

A good government would focus on enabling good healthcare, education and useful work for all.


Anyone who wants to spend more time reading about this criminal folly may do so:

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