Our government and its special friend support rich Israel which buys safety & reduces ‘popular impatience’, as poor Palestinians are slaughtered

Israelis complain that they are suffering the nervous strain of hearing air raid sirens; Palestinians see their homes smashed and civilians injured and killed.

Look at the facts, currently: over 170 named Palestinians killed. No Israelis.

The State of Israel has required all buildings to have access to air-raid shelters from 1951, and all new flats possess access to security rooms. Medical and educational facilities are built to withstand a direct missile hit; all include chemical air filtering systems. The public air-raid shelters are commonly employed as game rooms in peacetime so children are used to using them.

israel iron dome missile shield

Haaretz reports that Iron Dome missile defense system has successfully intercepted 90% of those rockets that it engaged.

Shashank Joshi (CNN) writes:

“Iron Dome’s ability to shield population centers and key infrastructure has two important effects:

  • it buys time for Israel to continue airstrikes without facing popular impatience;
  • it lessens the prospect that a rocket will inflict deaths in a way that forces the government to launch a costly ground invasion it doesn’t truly want.

Media manipulation, reported in 2002, continues apace:

“When Israelis are killed and injured by a Palestinian attack, the TV news networks are quick to cut to “breaking news” reports. Harrowing footage from the scene and interviews with outraged Israeli government officials are swiftly broadcast, and harsh statements are quickly issued by government and UN officials to appear in tomorrow’s front page newspaper stories.

“Meanwhile, the steady killing of Palestinian civilians, many of them children, by the Israeli occupation army goes largely unnoticed and unreported.”

The media convey a false impression that Palestinian “attacks” are the principal feature of the conflict by emphasizing the suffering of Israelis, and downplaying or ignoring the killings of Palestinians.


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  1. According to the UN, more 70 per cent of the people killed in Israeli bombing so far have been civilians.


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