Taken for a ride?


One of the 99%, a reader who is an active West Midlands councillor, writes:

eu us trade negotiations“I am still worried about this trade agreement the EU is negotiating with the US. What will it entail us having thrown on our doorsteps?”

U.S. and EU trade negotiators, Dan Mullaney and Ignacio Garcia Bercero reject accusations that they are pandering to multinational companies in their push to agree the world’s largest free-trade deal, saying that food safety and the environment will not be put at risk. Read more here: http://www.euractiv.com/trade/eu-us-trade-deal-wont-pander-big-news-531744

She continues: “I also read that Cambridge University have done a study and come up with food production shortages in this country by 2030 with development going the way it is – not very novel as I could have told them for nothing.

“I went on a tour round the borough last week and one of the sites was over by the airport where the HS2 is coming through.

hs2 farm businesses

“We stood amongst wheat growing on a farm of 300 acres which will have only 50 acres left when this useless project has taken its amount of land for the trains to zoom up and down. (Read about the effect HS2 will have on farms – and therefore food production – here.)

“What type of people have we running this country who take their orders from an unelected power base in Brussels?”


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