Revelations: fish swim, birds fly, politicians court the wealthy

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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveals information about billionaires, lobbyists and foreign interests who attended the Conservative party‘s annual fundraising dinner in 2013.

Internal Conservative party documents have been obtained, showing that supporters with a combined wealth in excess of £11bn paid up to £12,000 a table to dine with cabinet ministers including the prime minister, home secretary and defence secretary as well as the secretaries of state for health, transport, culture and justice.

This will surprise no regular reader of this blog.

Hurlingham Club

As Conservative donors gathered for this year’s event, which took place on Wednesday at the Hurlingham Club, west London, the Bureau revealed that at last year’s party there were six billionaires, 15 people with a personal wealth above £100m, 73 financiers and 47 retail and property tycoons among the 449 guests who dined at the private event held at Old Billingsgate Market.

The guest list this year was kept secret. Conservative ministers declined to say with whom they would be dining as they arrived at the function, but the Bureau commented that Rolls-Royces and Jaguars streaming through the gates indicated wealthy passengers. 

Hospitality leading to conflict of interest, movement from politics to business and back again and the all-pervasive lobbyists paid for by wealthy companies to influence decision makers – par for the course.


Read the full story here.


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