“Inappropriate closeness” between media bosses and successive governments

David Cameron exonerated? Suzanne Moore comments on the relationships exposed, tabloid-style:

Cameron rides Brooks’ horse!

Brooks comforted by Blair!

Cameron’s best friend marries Brooks!

Cameron’s brother is head of the chambers that defends Brooks!

Brooks’ lover Coulson hired by Cameron!

David Hencke delves deeper into the findings of the Leveson inquiry, confirming the perceptions often voiced on this site:

Volume Four and Appendix Five deliver ‘one of the most devastating critiques of the incestuous relationship between top politicians and the media I have ever read from a High Court judge in my 27 years of political journalism’. Hencke continues:

‘Leveson attacks what he calls the “inappropriate closeness” between media bosses and successive governments not just now – but for over 35 years. Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron are all indicted in a damning charge sheet.

‘He baldly states “politicians have conducted themselves in a way that I do consider has not served the public interest”.

‘He accuses them of being vulnerable to unaccountable interests, missing clear opportunities to address public concern about the culture, practices and ethics of the press and seeking “to control (if not manipulate) the supply of news and information to the public in return for expected or hoped-for favourable treatment by sections of the press.”

‘He concluded that all this gave rise to “legitimate perceptions and concerns that politicians and the press have traded power and influence in ways which are contrary to the public interest and out of public sight. These perceptions and concerns are inevitably particularly acute in relation to the conduct by politicians of public policy issues in relations to the press itself.”

Though Leveson’s recommendations did not address these concerns, Hencke warns that Cameron or Murdoch cannot be complacent about their respective roles in trading power for influence – which are at the heart of why the mainstream media and politicians are widely distrusted by the general public.

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