How could the Anglo-Saxon political/corporate alliance be disempowered?

andre vltchekJournalist Felicity Arbuthnot today drew attention to to an article by Russian born André Vltchek, novelist, filmmaker, journalist, photographer and playwright. Vltchek (left) has reported from dozens of war zones and conflicts in Bosnia, Peru, Sri Lanka, DR Congo and Timor Leste. He currently lives and works in East Asia and Africa.

we tighten our belts 2Piers Morgan on Question Time confidently asserted that UKIP gained voters because mainstream politicians are mediocre.

MP Margaret Curran, getting nearer the truth, described the anger and resentment people feel.

MEP Louise Bours referred scathingly to the politicians in Westminster ‘on their green leather seats’.

Vltchek goes deeper. Like many thoughtful people he wonders: “Why are the streets of New York, Washington D.C., London and Paris so orderly, so quiet?”

He wonders why citizens don’t “detach their backsides from their couches and chairs . . . demanding the end to atrocities that are being committed all over the world …It is one coup after another, these days, all over the world. Coups financed and arranged by the US and Europe… and all those countries ruined, bombed or run to the ground”.

Though plenty of information is provided, plenty of images, plenty of proof . . . that tens of millions are dying . . . and the natural resources of poor countries are being plundered, so that Western capitalism can flourish . . . these tremendous efforts are failing to ignite even those few millions of educated and concerned citizens in the West, to organize and rebel.

andre vltchek protestorVltchek believes that citizens are lethargic, indoctrinated: “Even when billions are stolen from them (not just from the people in their colonies), when banks get bailed-out after their speculative orgies, or after so-called elections get fully subsidized and manipulated by the corporate mafia, they do nothing”. But some do get out on the streets (opposite) and seem to achieve nothing by so doing – they are lucky if they escape a beating or legal action.

Vltchek sees two possibilities:

  • the Western public is totally lost and overrun by corporate propaganda
  • or it simply pretends to be like that, because the status quo suits its interests

There is a third: that they feel totally powerless to bring about significant change.

His own words bear this out: ”I have witnessed some demonstrations against a new train station in Stuttgart, because a few trees had to be cut down in order to build a new terminal … , but I never saw any substantial demonstration against the destruction of millions of lives, all over the world.”

Just so. People feel that there is a very slender chance that local decisions may be reversed by protest – but they have no confidence that a substantial demonstration against the destruction of millions of lives will have any effect whatsoever.

2003 iraq war protests

How often is the relatively huge turnout against going to war with Iraq cited? That broke the spirit of many leading to the apathy deplored by Vltchek. The European political reversal has – at least for a while – shaken the status quo.

He asks: how do we deal with the Western public; how do we address it? Where do we go from here? What is the strategy?

But should not the target be the Anglo-Saxon political corporate alliance which corruptly makes decisions in favour of the wealthiest who profit from war, adulterated food, corporate provision of energy, healthcare, water and damaging legal and illegal drugs?

Could they be laughed out of court? Where serious writers and activists have failed, could comedians, satirists, cartoonists (not least the FT’s Ingram Pinn – below) and playwrights conduct a sustained and relentless campaign until they succeed? 

Broken Britain

Or have you a better idea?

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