Political alternatives 3: vote for an MEP who has signed the Simpol Pledge

Earlier this year two alternatives to the mainstream were featured: the National Health Action Party and the Green Party; we now turn to Simpol.

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The global problems Simpol addresses are not being dealt with adequately by national governments, nor by the EU, because of the fear that acting unilaterally will harm their economic competitiveness. That is why, under Simpol, solutions are to be implemented by nations simultaneously, only when all or sufficient nations have signed the Pledge. In that way, politicians of all parties and nations can sign the Pledge without risk, because they need not change their existing policy programmes until sufficient other governments had also signed the Pledge. In the meantime, politicians who sign the Pledge attract the votes of Simpol’s voting block, so gaining an electoral advantage over candidates who choose not to sign. In that way, Simpol encourages politicians towards greater international cooperation.

simpol euro electionsSimpol’s director points out that the European Union (EU) is still an important institution when it comes to addressing global problems like climate change, bankers’ bonuses, re-regulating financial markets and global poverty.

But as the Euro crisis showed, even the mighty EU is not big enough – not global enough – to withstand the ‘wrecking ball’ of global markets.

That’s why global cooperation is needed. Simpol offers a way to take action on global problems; problems individual governments cannot resolve by acting alone, because these problems cross national boundaries and because competition between governments to attract investment and jobs means that markets – not the people – end up calling the shots.

Governments cannot act alone to solve these problems because any government doing so would make its economy uncompetitive, leading to inflation, unemployment, or even economic collapse.

Any government that moved first would lose out! While governments remain stuck, it’s the markets that continue to run politics – not the people. Only by implementing policies simultaneously can these problems be resolved in a way that no nation, corporation, or citizen loses out to its peers. Only by acting globally and simultaneously can governments regain control over global markets. If all nations act together, everybody wins.

Simultaneous implementation would ensure that no country became uncompetitive as a result of pursuing policies that were right for the planet and which embodied their higher aspirations. But politicians will not act together globally unless we make them!

Simpol supporters are writing to their Euro candidates telling them that they will be giving strong voting preference to candidates who have signed the attached Pledge in support of Simpol.

MEP George Lyon has just signed the Simpol Pledge – as has Labour MP for Edinburgh South, Ian Murray, taking the number of UK MPs who support the campaign to 25.

Simpol’s global site http://www.simpol.org
An outline of the policy issues being dealt with by Simpol can be found at http://www.simpol.org/index.php?id=14

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