Genetic modification: how can the vested interests of these scientists be denied?

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Sean Poulter and Ben Spencer report that – despite its presentation as the work of ‘independent’ scientists – all the academics who produced a study calling for GM crops to be fast-tracked into Britain’s farms and kitchens have links to the industry.

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The journalists’ report alleges that the five authors, selected by the Council for Science and Technology, advisors to the Prime Minister, have a vested interest in promoting GM crops and food – and some are part-funded by the industry. Photographs and further information about the scientists named may be seen in the report.

  • Professor Sir David Baulcombe, from Cambridge University, works as a consultant for GM firm Syngenta, which gives his department research funding;
  • Professor Jonathan Jones, from the Sainsbury Laboratory, which is at the centre of Britain’s GM research, part-funded by former Labour science minister, Lord Sainsbury, who is one of the country’s biggest supporters of the technology;
  • Professor Jim Dunwell, from the University of Reading, was a founder member of CropGen, which describes its mission as ‘to make the case for GM crops and foods’;
  • Professor John Pickett, from Rothamsted, which is heavily involved in GM research;
  • and Professor Pere Puigdomenech, from the universities of Cambridge and Barcelona, co-chairman of the seventh International Plant Molecular Biotechnology Congress, sponsored by Monsanto, Bayer and DuPont.


Last night, the Science Media Centre, which released the report, insisted the authors were independent.

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