Get a grip! The Co-operative Group is only one of 6000 co-operatives/mutuals in the country

Media,  large retail and banking interests give the impression that because one co-operative group is in difficulties the future of the whole movement is in doubt.

As Ed Mayo reminded Radio 4 listeners today, the Co-operative Group is only one of 6000 co-operatives in the country. Worldwide there are an estimated billion co-operators.

lincs 150 2 co-op

There are many regional independent co-operative groups doing well – an outstanding example being the Lincolnshire Co-operative. Above is a section of one poster; to its achievements should be added local sourcing, its renewable energy commitments and its assistance to the new University of Lincoln.

There is a wide range of successful worker co-operatives – see over 300 listed here. An outstanding example is a wholefood co-operative, Daily Bread (Northampton below and Cambridge).

The Daily Bread Co-operative

Despite the avid attention given to the Co-op Bank’s situation, readers should remember that it has not been bailed out by public money like Lloyds and RBS.

The Co-operative Group developed a corporate ‘big is beautiful’ approach – and believed in centralising control; it now suffers the consequence.

Those members who have sturdily refused to fall in line behind the vastly overpaid Euan Sutherland may yet be its Sutherland may yet be its salvation.



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