In supporting the USA’s position on Ukraine, remember:

“America has never hesitated to intervene militarily, overthrow governments and, in the process, kill local inhabitants.”

Yesterday, American lawyer, David B. Simpson, wrote to the Financial Times:

Sir, Regarding the furore and outrage that Russian intervention in Ukraine has occasioned, and your editorial “A second cold war threatens Europe” (March 3): for the better part of two centuries, the United States treated the entire western hemisphere as part of its own “near abroad” (to utilise the term applied by Russia to its bordering nations), and never hesitated to intervene militarily, overthrow governments and, in the process, kill local inhabitants.

Some of these interventions were done under the umbrella of the “Monroe Doctrine”, our self-proclaimed right to protect the hemisphere from European intrusion; most were without even this “fig leaf” of justification, and were based on the demands of American business cloaked in such falsehoods as Woodrow Wilson’s statement while president that we must teach Latin American countries to have good governance.

The true interests of this country lie in following George Washington’s admonition against becoming involved in the affairs of other nations, and in John Quincy Adams’ declarations that while we are the friend to the freedom of all peoples, we are the guarantors only of our own, and that America not go abroad “seeking monsters to destroy”.

I do not recall your newspaper ever calling for sanctions against the US when it engaged in patently illegal interventions in the western hemisphere, nor when, in clear violation of international law, we invaded and destroyed Iraq . . .


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  1. Email from Moseley:

    The level of hypocrisy surrounding the Ukraine debacle is astonishing.

    Only the UK and USA are allowed to invade sovereign states and effect regime change.

    Putin was ‘authorised’ to act by the crooked club of Blair and Bush.

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