Constituents will decide the future of MP Anne McIntosh

Andrew Bounds (Financial Times) reports that an internal Conservative party inquiry last year found the local party had “co-opted” people to pack the executive committee before the vote to deselect the MP for Ryedale Anne McIntosh, making it “fundamentally flawed”. It also said the party had treated her unfairly. The Telegraph adds:

anne mcintosh2 mp“This (inquiry) found that the local executive committee broke the rules by co-opting a large number of new members on to the association’s executive board, just weeks before it voted in January 2013 not to reselect Miss McIntosh for the 2015 general election”.

Ms McKintosh – a multilingual lawyer who chairs the environment, food and rural affairs select committee – comments: “It is my intention to stand for Thirsk, Malton and Filey constituency at the next general election”.

major peter steveneyJames Holt, president of the local Conservative association, this week accused the MP’s supporters of “shameless spin” and “snide and false allegations”. Major Peter Steveney who chairs the board, (moving from army to MoD, now working for the Jockey Club), was criticised by the report but has demanded an apology, saying it was a “travesty”.

Supportive constituents in the Yorkshire constituency, where she had a 11,000 majority, denounced a “campaign to unseat her mounted by local gentry”.

Last week Ms McKintosh told the BBC she would continue to represent the Conservatives for the remainder of the current Parliament with her “customary passion” and still intended to fight the seat at the next election.

“I do not intend to be thrown aside by a small group,” she said. “It is for my constituents as a whole to dismiss me if they wish to do so.”


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