Jim McCluskey asks, “Is the British population the most passive on the planet?


Following Mr 1%, Jim McCluskey makes these points  in his letter to the Guardian:

  • Already the world’s most spied upon population, we learn of yet more secret capabilities being developed by GCHQ (‘Revealed: spy agencies target phone apps’, 28.1.14).
  • We have just heard of even more billions of tax payers’ wealth lost to the government-owned Royal Bank of Scotland and not a whisper of any prosecutions from the Business Secretary.
  • Alleged war criminals walk shamelessly among us unaccosted except for the occasional attempt at a citizen’s arrest from a few brave individuals.
  • The Chilcot Enquiry is delayed for 4 years by a Cabinet Secretary and the American government!
  • Millions of pounds of taxpayers money is spent by the government assisting one of the world’s largest arms trades, thus helping to fuel the world’s wars.
  • Massive numbers of young people are unemployed, many of them saddled with huge debt for their education.

And in spite of the insane dangers involved, as illustrated by the ongoing mega-disaster at Fukushima (of which the UK public is told little) – in spite of the fact that the British people do not want them, the government plans to build ten new nuclear power stations in Britain.



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