Is MP Alistair Burt advocating breaches of international law?

david halpinIn a letter to the Standards and Privileges Committee of the House of Commons, retired surgeon David Halpin writes:

“I have been greatly disturbed by the words of Mr Alistair Burt MP, and most recently Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office”.

Ignore this embarrassment and hope that it will go away in time?

The office is not acknowledging receipt of my letter or a reminder. A copy has now been sent by recorded delivery.

Burt’s advice on deterrence

Mr Halpin quoted a paragraph from the Guardian in which Mr Burt (left) was advocating the barbaric treatment and murder of Colonel Gaddafi as the right course of action for President Assad and his political allies – a shorter account may be seen in the Independent.

alistair burt mpThis MP, a former officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel, was advocating a contravention of international law which demands that a prisoner of war is treated with customary humanity and that a head of state or government figure of a defeated nation is treated with respect. Again, regardless of his legal education, Burt advocated a ‘strike against Assad’ which would have required a negation of the Nuremberg Protocols and the Charter of the United Nations.

And he describes himself as a Christian

He is on record as saying “I believe that there is a God. Among other things, I believe that his plan for his universe holds life to be dear and sacred” – his other words, in the Guardian and elsewhere, reveal that his belief extends only to a certain category of lives – the chosen, not ‘you lot’?

Martin Bright of the Jewish Chronicle paints a very different picture of this MP

After his recent demotion: “Labour Shadow Minister Chris Bryant described him as “the nicest, warmest and most generally fantabulous MP there is”. He noted that 18 MPs, including Labour’s Glenda Jackson and Tory Rory Stewart, had paid tribute to him during Tuesday’s statement to Parliament by Foreign Secretary William Hague”.

“ ‘The Revolution is coming, Mr Cameron’ some shouted. Not from you lot, it isn’t.” Alistair Burt’s words encapsulate the contempt of entrenched power for unpolished protest – and the sad truth is that he is probably right.




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