Political alternatives 2: good sense from the Green Party

Councillor Howard Allen, parliamentary candidate for Solihull, writes:

According to former US defence secretary Robert Gates, because of the latest spending defence cuts, Britain won’t have “full-spectrum” capabilities and won’t be able to be “a full partner as they have been in the past.”

What good news!

Mr Gates is a figure from another age, speaking of the geopolitics of another age. After the disastrous unilateral interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the British parliamentary vote on Syria, the age of the US and UK acting as the world’s policeman is definitely, and rightly, over.

hms vanguard nuclear submarine

With a Royal United Services Institute report recently concluding that Britain would not now become a nuclear-armed state if it wasn’t already one, it’s past time to call an end to our holding these hideous weapons of mass destruction, at great financial cost.

It is true we need to restructure our military, but we should be doing it to focus on defending our own shores and providing civil defence services, on providing our fair share of contributions to UN peacekeeping missions, and on building peace, security and international confidence around the world.

That’s not a ‘full-spectrum’ capability as formerly understood, but it is the right spectrum for Britain’s defence future.

Everyone will have views on how to use the billions saved by not having a pointless nuclear capability.

Continue the debate here.



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  1. By email: a dairy farmer asked

    Re focus on defending our own shores and providing civil defence services. Ought this principle not apply to our food security also, for which we must keep our land in the ownership of those who live within sight of that land, or live within our shores and pay their taxes here, or at least are answerable to the community who hold the land.

    Howard replies:

    Indeed, points well made. We could also then move on into the realms of food production/environmental sustainability balance, the unacceptable power of the supermarkets in controlling food production & destroying independent retailers who maintain a far higher proportion of wealth in the local economy ………..

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