Political alternatives 1: NHA Euro-election candidate, chair of the successful ‘Save Lewisham A&E’ campaign

News from GP Online, a website dedicated to supporting doctors in general practice in all aspects of their working lives, providing daily news, clinical and management resources, focused CPD and educational materials. Summary: 

dr louise irvineLewisham GP Dr Louise Irvine – a leading campaigner for a group that defied health secretary Jeremy Hunt over plans to downgrade Lewisham hospital – will be running in the European elections, as a candidate for the National Health Action (NHA) Party, ‘formed by a group of like-minded healthcare professionals’ to challenge the government over NHS reforms.

Dr Irvine, chair of the successful ‘Save Lewisham A&E’ campaign, said that the NHS was under threat from a forthcoming US-EU trade deal. She hopes Londoners will vote for her to send a ‘powerful message’ to politicians in Westminster and Brussels to stop the demolition of the NHS.

Dr Irvine said: ‘I am standing because I care passionately about defending the NHS. I’ve been a London GP for 20 years and I have seen the damage done by this government’s policies of top-down reorganisation.

‘I want to alert the public to the gravity of the threat to the NHS from this government with its programme of cuts, hospital closures and privatisation and to send a powerful message to politicians in Westminster and Brussels that people will not stand by and let their NHS be destroyed.’


Time to out the open lie, that the NHS is not being privatised. We as GPs know it, the media know it, but like the emperor’s new clothes the true facts are still unclear to the general public . . . and personally I hope she wins and brings the truth out.

Time to stop the forced tendering of NHS services so the private sector can cherry pick contracts – cutting services in the name of finding efficiency, while just increasing profits for their companies.



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