Soapbox: local independent councillor Linda: Just a few thoughts for 2014!


Money brings security of a sort but does not enhance a life unless it is used carefully for oneself and others.

I find not only bankers and politicians corrupt and in it for themselves on the whole but the large charity businesses are also the same.

I do not know where this will all end but unless we have another war (which is a distinct possibility) there is going to be another big collapse.

This help to buy nonsense where people can buy a house with as little as 5% deposit is what Clinton did in America which precipitated the massive crash they had there. He has not been blamed but he started it and you had millions of people who could not pay their mortgages, when they came under strain, as it was too much on credit.

We are heading the same way again but don’t worry, there will be a change of government and they can be blamed!

The energy crisis is another example of politicians’ greed. British Energy was sold off  to the French company EDF – and who was a director at the time, none other than Gordon Brown’s brother!!

You should never sell off your natural assets as they can be turned off and against you in an emergency.

Chris Huhne had to rely on his Greek wife for support when he first got into politics. He now owns about 9 properties and is director of this and into wind farms etc., all from being an MEP and MP. Not bad if you can get it aye?

But where are the philanthropists of the 21st century?

The Quakers looked after their workforce by providing schooling for the children and homes for the workers. Bill Gates does not make it for me I am afraid as he gives some away – spent on dubious schemes – and keeps a lot still for himself.

A real philanthropist was the British inventor of the computer who gave it to the world for nothing. Long gone are those days, I am afraid.



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