1. Did ‘a greedy self serving elite’ of both parties foster the selling of UK energy provision ‘to their mates’ under cover of state secrecy?

The release of National Archives files from 1984 revived memories of hearing a Kings Heath CEGB engineer in the ‘60s saying that he could not understand why cheap, low quality coal was being imported, when British coal burned longer and was actually cheaper in the long run. The cheap coal adversely affected the operation of the plant, leading to increased maintenance costs and higher generating costs.

Deliberate political action that sowed the seeds of economic decline?

A comment by ‘Stander’ on a Channel 4 blog says: “It was cheaper to import coal than pay our own miners to take it out of the ground, but it’s that kind of short-sighted thinking that sowed the seeds of economic decline. It overlooked the fact that the money paid to miners was largely spent in their local communities, driving the economy. Money spent on imported coal is simply a negative on the balance sheet of UK plc”.

‘Alan’: “It was all planned and is contained in the leak of the Ridley report in May 1978 in the Economist. The forces of the state were used by Thatcher to crush the unions to make way for selling UK assets to their mates”.

A snapshot from the leaked report of Nationalised Industries Policy Group (Ridley report) may be seen below – see the text of The Economist article, and a link to the full Report at the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.

1977 denationalisation ridley report

One reader’s verdict in 2014: Shamus: “a greedy self serving elite that control the money, legislation and media”.



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